A Love Letter to Motherhood


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Dear Motherhood, 

I thought I knew myself, and then you came. 

At first, the approach tactical, your intentions unclear. Slowly, you become more strategic, leading me down a mirror-lined road with dim lighting that reflects within. 

It's there, on that path, you introduce me to places, faces, thoughts and things I never knew existed.

You challenge me. You praise me. You raise me up constantly, calling me to be the best you know I can be. 

You often back me into the wall of self-care - I know, it's all done in the name of love. 

Argh, you've become the judge of all things - how I spend my time, what I eat and how much I sleep!

In the next breath; you pull me up by the collar whenever I fall down, whispering gently "start again." 

You capitalize on my ambition - summoning me to teach as I learn; to venture a path that has been avoided by generations upon generations.

Motherhood you can be tough, oh you are tough! But despite your tough love, you are always there - offering the first shoulder and the first listening ear.

Sometimes I just need a break from you, honestly. 

And in my solitude, I see you clearly for what you are: 

My greatest blessing;

My greatest love,

My greatest teacher,

And my greatest friend,

Motherhood, you are like no other. 


Forever Your Protégé,

Georgia Lobban ❤️


Georgia Lobban is the Founder of Little Proud Kid - A place to celebrate all people… one people. We focus on bringing an array of multicultural toys, books, resources and more to help you teach and celebrate the uniqueness in each and every child.

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May 08, 2016 by Georgia Lobban
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