The Ultimate Diverse Toy Marketplace for Amazing and Unique Gifts

The Ultimate Diverse Toy Marketplace

If you have ever been on a quest to find an African American doll (or Chinese, Hispanic or Filipino for that matter), you know that search can often be frustrating with the limited selection available. We get it. So instead of you having to roam the aisles of Toys R Us with little return on your diverse toy search, we've made it so easy for you with a marketplace that celebrates multicultural toys! This is for the parent who wants her child to see themselves reflected in the toys they play with but also for the parent who wants their child to be surrounded by toys that reflect the actual world we live in and not the world many toy makers portray. Little Proud Kid is the ultimate diverse toy marketplace for parents, grand parents and any one who wants to give an amazing and unique gift often ignored by big box toy stores. 

Multicultural Dolls

Dolls are so important as they help a child really see and interact with another "person". They can see themselves in that doll or they can appreciate the difference in that doll if they look different from them. Dolls can instill confidence if they look similar to the child but can also be used as a great diversity educational tool if they look different. Having dolls from many backgrounds and races for your child creates an incredible multicultural "world", right in your own home. 

Diverse Reads

Enjoy stories that speak about many different backgrounds and experiences that your child can both relate to or appreciate regarding how a child might live differently from them!

Multicultural Toys

Play games that reflect a multitude of cultures and show images and faces from different races and backgrounds! 

View all of the Little Proud Kid products and gifts to find the ultimate gift for any holiday or birthday! 

December 22, 2015 by Georgia Lobban
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