Give the Gift of Multiculturalism this Holiday Season

Hooray, our long anticipated holiday gift guide is here! If you're intention this season is to promote diversity, honor differences and raise global citizens you'll be pleased with our recommended gift list - one more reason to celebrate. 


Multicultural Gift Boxes 

Talk about holiday gift shopping made easy - we love these these beautiful and unique gift boxes themed to suit diverse households and children ages 3-17. Choose from one of the following themes: Black Girl Magic, Spanish Flare, French Flare, Young Adults, Classics, Black History, Hispanic Heritage , Chinese Pride, Indian Pride, Filipino Pride and Global Citizens


 Black Girl MagicGlobal CitizensCowboy Multicultural Gift Box


 Family Times 

Celebrate the true meaning of the holiday season which is quality time with the most  Family Times important people: family. Our games include Puzzles, Bingo and Matching Games. 

African American Matching Game  French Bingo Spanish Bingo


Raising Global Citizens

No need to leave the comfort of your home to expose your children to diverse cultures. Raise global citizen with these fun activities and storybooks. 

Art Cards Indian StoriesMagnus


Empower Young Adults 

Instill confidence, strength and the ability to stand up for self and what is right in our young adults with these great titles. 

Shine    Zahrah    Malala  American Chinese

Raising Compassionate Children 

No doubt our uncertain times call for greater capacity of compassion and choosing peace and happiness. It''s never too early or late to start. 

Deepal Chopra   All my stripesEvery Little thing


Representation Matters, right? Well, from cowboys to Asian dolls, we've got you coveredi our line-up of dolls

Doc MarleyDolly the cowgirlDuke the cowboyAsian


Still in doubt, then give the gift of a great gift card

gift card

Happy Holiday Shopping! 



Multicultural Books, Toys and Greetings that Celebrate Women's Equality

It's Women's Equality Day, an official reminder of the progress our nation has made when it comes to the treatment of women, and an opportunity to commit ourselves to the unfinished work in the fight for full equality. Despite significant progress, we still have a long journey ahead of us. Sadly, gender-biases that perpetuate inequality are still everyday occurrences at home, in schools and communities and in the workplace.

There's no doubt our children will inherit the continued fight for women's equality.

August 26, 2016 by Georgia Lobban

Children's Book Gatekeeper: The Key is in Our Hands 

It is obvious the power publishers have in deciding what content, and whether diverse content, makes it to the marketplace. However, librarians, parents, grandparents, book store owners and teachers are also gatekeepers. Librarians can decide where to direct visitors, parents can choose to purchase books with multicultural characters and teachers can expose their students to ethnically and culturally diverse material. Each of these roles either perpetuates the lack of diversity in children's literature or transcends it by promoting a variety of books that celebrate diversity.

Culturally Diverse Playtime

We all know that understanding differences starts at home, but the discrepancies aren’t always represented or apparent under our roofs. Relevant literature indicates that children are aware of differences in other kids based on gender or race as young as two years old. As an example, racial awareness begins with self as a toddler to exploring individual identity and being able to identify stereotypes by five or six years of age.