New Online Marketplace Features Products That Represent Minority and Multicultural Children

CHARLOTTE, N.C.Oct. 26, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- The launch of Little Proud Kid has brought forth a greatly needed resource for products that celebrate kids of ethnic and multicultural descent. These featured products teach children to embrace their beauty, instill self-confidence and allow children to see past their difference and embrace their cultural and physical identity.  

Georgia Lobban created Little Proud Kid understanding this necessity first hand when her daughter began asking questions about why she looked different. When unable to find many books or dolls that looked like her and when other parents with children of multicultural descent overwhelming felt the same frustration, she decided to make a genuine change. 

"This journey is about arming our next generation with the tools and resources to lead, become good citizens and solve the problems of the world. It begins with how they feel about themselves and each other." – Georgia Lobban, Little Proud Kid Founder 

Little Proud Kid will eliminate a parent's search for diverse products with a marketplace full of toys and books featuring characters from many cultures and races. They will also continue to roll out further facets of this mission with additional phases to this undertaking. They will eventually begin wholesaling and supporting authors, film and toy makers who will no longer have to wait years recouping their costs via Amazon. They will also find and fill in any 'diversity gaps' by developing products and increasing inventory to meet this need.  All of these phases will be accomplished with the support of their crowdfunding campaign now live on Indiegogo as of October 24th, 2015

Beyond products, Little Proud Kid provides multicultural family activities, a blog featuring articles about cultural acceptance or tips for teaching tolerance and is a community where parents can ask questions or speak about their challenges. It is a place for all parents from every race and culture who want to teach their children to both love who they are and appreciate differences. 

Little Proud Kid is a parent's resource for promoting diversity, celebrating multiculturalism and teaching children to embrace their beauty. For jpegs, email: For more information, visit the Little Proud Kid website: or view them on Facebook or Twitter

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