Spanish BINGO!

Drop in this Saturday, July 8th at SouthPark Mall for a game of Spanish Bingo!

Approximate for children between the ages of 4-10. 

Drop in hours: 4pm-5:30pm 

Event located next to Little Proud Kid kiosk (across from True Religion)

This event is free. Participants receive a 5% discount on same day purchases at

Little Proud Kid kiosk.

Did you know that…? 

Becoming bilingual helps to improve memory skills.
Children learning a second language tend to get higher grades in math, language and reading.
After English, Spanish is the most commonly used language in the world.
Spanish has become the most common second language in the United States. There are more Spanish speakers in the US than in Spain.

Event Sponsored by: Hello Spanish Club 

Hello Spanish Club offer children the oportunity to take their first steps into the world of a foreign language, Spanish. For more on classes and programs visit:

Join us for Fun. Prizes and discount offers from neighboring kiosks throughout the mall.

Space is limited so reserve your spot here.


July 03, 2017 by Georgia Lobban
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