Little Proud Kid is a minority and multicultural focused marketplace that empowers parents to teach their children to embrace their beauty, instilling self-confidence, and creating the change to rise above any circumstances or one story that might impact their ability to live their true purpose.

What make us unique?  We are wholly focused on creating and curating products that promote diversity and celebrate ethnic and multiculturalism. Little Proud Kid is born in a time when tools, resources, and products focused on messages of individual self-worth are not readily available to parents with children of a minority and multicultural demographic.

Little Proud Kid strives to provide a safe place for diversity in our homes, schools and communities and for parents of minority and multicultural children to teach their kids to see and embrace their beauty. By instilling self-confidence and creating a story of pride and responsibility, children can create positive change in their self-image and self-worth.


Our Mission 

Little Proud Kid, LLC offers products that encourage children to embrace their identifies, develop self-love and learn to appreciate other cultures and races. It is a resource for parents, educators and communities to raise global citizens. It will serve as a marketplace for like-minded ventures. It is a healthy, creative and rewarding environment for employees.