Welcome Creator! Thank you for your interest in becoming a Little Proud Kid Merchant. Please review this Brief in its entirety to understand policies, products and opportunities available to you as a Merchant.

Little Proud Kid, LLC ™ was established in 2014 by Founder and Visionary Georgia Lobban.

Little Proud Kid (LPK) was initially an idea born out of a dire need to curb the insecurities I saw brewing in my own daughter, but the moment I realized my story was shared by so many others there was no turning back. No more waiting on big box companies to offer a solution. It was time to turn the lens inward and become the change.

LPK is an all-inclusive online marketplace that provides parents, teachers, and communities with resources needed to make children of ethnic and multicultural background proud to be as beautiful as they are and generate the ability to rise above any circumstance or story that might impact the ability to live their true purpose.

The Problem

  1. For minority parents, it’s discouraging to find so few educational materials there are that uplift their children and make them feel proud to be who they are. Children of underserved races and cultures do not see themselves enough in the world in which they live, that is, books, films and toys.  While there is a lot a lot of enlightening material for other children to learn from, there is little for underserved communities.
  2. Authors, toy makers, film directors, and everyone else that make products for minority children need support. We know the process to get into big box retail stores is challenging – we also know that major distribution channels make it hard for you to recoup costs. The result is little distribution or complete abandonment of projects that ethnic and multicultural communities need. Your success means more toys, books and films made just for minority and under-served children. 

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The Solution

Little Proud Kid Merchant Program™ increases visibility of diverse and multicultural products for children, allowing creators a fair chance to recoup costs so you can continue to make a difference.


How to become a LPK Merchant

The first step is to complete and submit a registration for approval.

Visit Little Proud Kid Merchant Program and complete a registration form.

Please note: Merchant and Product registration is subject to approval.  

Approval Process

- We are selective. We want to be a resource our communities can count on for quality products. Products must be aligned to our mission.

- Language (if applicable) and content must be suitable for children and the target age range

- Prospective Merchants must agree to the terms and conditions outlined in the program


- Merchants must commit to shipping products within a 48-hour timeframe unless product is on backorder or other unforeseen circumstance – in which case customer must be notified and given an option to cancel order

- Excessive consumer complaints may lead to suspension or termination of merchant agreement 

- Merchants must be followers of Little Proud Kid Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages. Merchants must also engage in posts pertaining to their products.

- Merchants must agree to list www.littleproudkid.com as an option to purchase their products where relevant.


  • A one-time set up fee of $35 is required upon approval. This may be paid via paypal using the link below.
  • Marketing for Merchants Program™ fee of $50 which renews every three months and a requirement to remain a active merchant in Little Proud Kid Marketplace.

A total payment of $75 is due within 3 business days of receiving merchant approval notification. Payments can be made via paypal at PayPal.Me/LittleProudKid. Please enter: MERCHANT PROGRAM in comments.


Highlights of Little Proud Kid Merchant Program™  

  • List your product on a distribution channel that specifically caters to your audience
  • Through our Marketing for Merchant Program your product will be featured in Little Proud Kid social media marketing, advertising efforts or newsletter 1- 3 times per month while you are an active merchant.
  • Merchants can upload products through a merchant portal and maintain full control over Images, description, pricing, shipping, and more.
  • Merchants have an order management panel that allows them to view and fulfill their own orders.

     Questions and Comments should be directed to info@littleproudkid.com

    Updated June 2017