Participants in Little Proud Kid Merchant Consignment agreement will have their products displayed and sold at Little Proud Kid brick and mortar retail units to include “pop-up” stores; as well as in its online marketplace.


Merchant Set-Up and Social Media Marketing Fees


Little Proud Kid Marketplace consignment merchants are subject to a one-time set up fee of $25 and participation in Little Proud Kid Marketing for Merchants Program™ for a fee of $50 applicable every three months as an active merchant.  


Through Little Proud Kid Marketing for Merchants Program™ your product will be featured in Little Proud Kid social media marketing, advertising efforts or newsletter 1- 3 times per month while you are an active merchant.


Set-up fee and first marketing fee due payable to Little Proud Kid within 3 business days of a fully executed consignment agreement. Subsequent Little Proud Kid Marketing for Merchants Program™ are due payable every 90 days.


Payments can be made via paypal at PayPal.Me/LittleProudKid. Please enter: MERCHANT PROGRAM in comments.



Consignment Terms and Conditions

Little Proud Kid Marketplace accepts 25 copies of



                                                           Book Title


from__________________________ , on __________________________.  The retail 

                Author Name                                                        Date      


price of the book is $_________ and the discount to Bookstore is 40%, with a



net cost of $____________ per book.

Little Proud Kid Marketplace Cost

Little Proud Kid Marketplace accepts the books on consignment and agrees to pay author for copies sold every 30 days. Unsold books will be returned to Author in original


Please make payments payable to: ____________________________________________ Author or Publisher Name


Mail payment to:



                                                Author/Publisher Mailing Address


Paypal Account: __________________________________________________________



_____________________________              ____________________________________

Little Proud Kid Representative & Date                    Author & Date


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