Little Proud Kid StoryMy daughter, at the tender age of four, began asking a lot of questions that I didn’t always have the right answer to: “Mommy, why is my hair different?” “Mommy, why don’t I look more like her?” Hearing this breaks my heart—my daughter is beautiful, and I want her to know it every time she looks in the mirror. I knew that just telling her how beautiful she is wasn’t going to be enough. I set off on a mission to “prove it.”After going to the library and other local stores, I was shocked that I couldn’t find any storybooks or dolls to give my daughter with pictures of girls that look like her. I needed to give my daughter something to show her that she isn’t just different. She is beautiful.

While sharing my story with a few friends, also with children of multicultural descent, I was overwhelmed with nods of agreement. They too struggle finding images and messages that communicate to their children that they are beautiful exactly the way they are. It became clear in that moment that we need to create a change for our children.
That’s when Little Proud Kid was born.

Little Proud Kid is dedicated to creating products that feature and celebrate kids of ethnic and multi-cultural descent. Through the resources and products created, you will be able teach your child to embrace their beauty, instill self-confidence and positive change. No matter your skin color, heritage, or hair style, through Little Proud Kid, you can find storybooks, dolls, photo journals, gaming products, and parenting resources to allow your children to see past their differences and embrace their cultural and physical identity.
This journey is about arming our next generation with the tools and resources to lead, become good citizens and solve the problems of the world. It begins with how they feel about themselves and each other. This journey is not one I intend to go I hope that you will join me. 
Georgia Lobban, Founder