Global Wonders: Around The World

$ 8.00

Welcome to Global Wonders! A delightful new DVD series introducing your child to the vibrant and varied cultures from around the neighborhood and around the world. Dazzling animation meets fascinating live action footage in a world where cultures are shared, compared and discovered.

In Global Wonders Around the World join all of our families and friends for a fun day at the park. Through fun group activities you will discover new customs, music, languages, and lifestyles from around the world. Build a Blarney sand Castle with Brianna, sing happy birthday in Spanish with Marisa, taste Japanese Karaage with Rina, and play the ney with Amir. When Lorenzo's World Cup soccer ball goes missing, team up with all your new friends on a ball hunt to save the day.

With Global Wonders, your child can gain a broader understanding of themselves and the world around them, fostering a stronger self-identity, increased self-esteem, and improved cultural and social skills.