My Natural Doll - Keleshe

$ 165.00 $ 140.00

Name: Keleshe

Length: 18”

Weight: 22 oz

Material: Vinyl Arms & legs & Face and Cloth Body

Skin Tone: Chocolate Brown

Hair: Kinky Curly 100% Virgin African Textured Hair from Runway Curls Classic Collection

Clothing: Kikwembe (African Print) BabyDoll Dress, Designed by Mushiya and Belasse

Shoes: Not included with this doll. 


My Natural Doll was created to give little black girls a doll to play with that looks like them. In a world where the dolls and the role models our children see shape their perception of beauty and self confidence, it is important that little black girls are constantly exposed to a reflection of themselves - beautiful dark skin and kinky hair like that which grows out of their own head!

Dolls with dark skin is lacking in most of the “Black” dolls on the market. In addition to her skin color, the other features that set My Natural Doll apart from other dolls are: her dress and most importantly her hair.  She wears a baby-doll dress created from African Print pattern inherent from her culture and descent and her hair  is created from 100% Curly Kinky textured and identically resembles  the natural hair of a black girl. In a world where our self esteem and self worth beauty is directly translated by the love of our skin and hair, this feature allows little girls to see the doll's hair as beautiful and thus themselves as beautiful. It also teaches them the versatility of their own hair and essentially how to manage and take care of it as we live in a time where even adult women do not know how to manage and care for  their own natural hair due to lack of exposure.