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Tales Alive!: Ten Multicultural Folktales with Activities

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In her warm, uplifting style, Susan Milord brings each tale to life with a myriad of exciting, relevant hands-on activities.

* India: "A Drum" plus all about chain stories, retelling a story in rhyme, and making a waisted drum from flower pots.

* Scotland: "The Blue-Eyed Hare" plus Halloween fun spiced with a bit of Macbeth, creating a hare puppet, and making honeybutter.

* Russia: "Clever Maiden" plus making an ice palace, Faberge'-style egg, a number puzzle, and the riddle of the Sphinx.

* Ghana: "Why Hare Is Always on the Run" plus a water experiment, writing African proverbs, and making an animal mask.

* Argentina: "The Gentle People" plus creating a wish list, growing your own annual flowers, and making a paper "feather" necklace.

Plus five more tales--from Canada, Australia, Italy, Japan, and Turkey. A virtual feast of fun and cultural awareness!